Diamond Line Battery



The Diamond Line from Eden is a thoughtful and true step forward for cannabis vape pens. The sleek, upgraded, and refined look and feel of the cartridge, married with our ultra-pure, potent, and terpene rich oil, is the essence of our commitment to raising the standards in the cannabis industry. From the science based applications used in handcrafting our signature distillate and cannabis terpene blends, to the custom design of the cartridge allowing effortless pulls, to the thoughtfully designed packaging, the Diamond Line exemplifies excellence and reliability from head to toe. This deliberate attention to detail and quality delivers a smooth, crisp, and powerful hit, guaranteed to raise your expectations of cannabis vape cartridges. Ready to start a wholesale order? View our live inventory here or email info@edenextracts.com to start a conversation. 



Eden Extracts products are only available for wholesale to California licensed dispensaries.


Screw the USB charger onto the battery and plug into a USB charging device or outlet. When charging is complete, the USB charger will illuminate green and the battery will stop flashing.

Turn the device on by quickly clicking the button on the battery 5 times. A white light will indicate that the device is on. Press and hold the button while inhaling from the cartridge. Do not hold the button down for longer than 10 seconds at a time.


Barry Lai50 per box