Eden at Hall of Flowers 2019 (Click to view event recap)

There is no other goal at Eden more important than achieving peak extraction performance for our products.

It is our core belief that the work put in to understanding all of the variables and complexities of cannabis extracts is paramount to creating a higher quality vape product. Our most basic standards begin with a lab analysis on the product’s potency, a clean pesticide report, and a lack of any microbial impurities. Beyond that, each product must be smooth, crisp, potent, and flavorful, to pass our test and be ready for cannabis newcomers, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike. At Eden Extracts, we believe in research and development . We believe in constantly improving our process. We believe in raising the bar. And most importantly, we believe in the products we produce.

Meticulous extraction, thoughtfully designed hardware, and soon - sustainable packaging. We will be upcycling and sustainably designing for our packaging in 2019 to reuse old materials and hemp rather than virgin fibers. Our goal is establish the right direction of commercial-level sustainability while being conscious about our carbon footprint.